Welcome to Heatons Nursery

Established in 1974 by Don and Daphne Heaton, our family-owned and operated indoor plant nursery has deep roots in passion and heritage.

It all began with their extensive private collection of ferns, a treasure trove boasting over 100 varieties of Adiantums, including specimens that had been cherished within the family for generations.

Our Business Grew

In 1989, their son Peter embraced the family legacy by joining the business. With his dedication and expertise, Heatons Nursery flourished. Then, in 1996, as Don and Daphne gracefully stepped into retirement, Peter and his wife Maree assumed the reins of the family business, carrying forward its rich tradition with pride.

As the years passed, our nursery evolved and expanded. In 2005, Anthuriums joined our plant mix, complementing the ferns beautifully and capturing the hearts of plant enthusiasts far and wide. Our commitment to diversity and quality knows no bounds, as we continually seek out new varieties from all corners of the globe to enrich our collection.

Wholesale Suppliers

Catering to the wholesale market, we offer a diverse range of plants in various sizes, ensuring there’s something for every need and preference. From young plants to hanging baskets, each plant is cultivated with care and expertise. 

At Heatons Nursery, integrity is at the heart of everything we do. Our trading terms reflect our commitment to fairness and transparency, with a 7-day window for transactions.

Join us on a journey through generations of passion, expertise, and botanical beauty at Heatons Nursery. Experience the warmth of our family’s legacy as we continue to cultivate nature’s wonders, one plant at a time.